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Jul 30, 2022
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Usability means having a user-centered design. Developing a user-centric WordPress layout requires more than design and development. Yes, you need to consider whether your WordPress site is usable, and most importantly, it is good for your potential customers. Analyze your current layout Modern web users know what they are looking for! They may not notice your layout right away, but they will definitely notice if it helps them achieve their goals. When analyzing the design and layout of your WordPress site, the aspects you need to focus on are: First Impressions : How do users feel when they open your website? Is your website structured so that people can easily find what they are looking for? Content : Check how your content benefits users, and how your page layout benefits users. Is the layout relevant to your content and target audience? Site Architecture : Is the Navigation Clear and Intuitive? Is every element in the layout positioned to encourage users to convert? How is your visual hierarchy? When improving usability, your goal should always be to Latest Mailing Database guide visitors through the desired action. However, it should be done in a natural way. By modifying the position, color, or size of certain page elements, you can configure your site's visual hierarchy to highlight the most important elements first. Image credit: AdEspresso Is your navigation correct? Navigation should be one of your core priorities when it comes to web usability. Confusing web navigation is one of the most annoying things a user can encounter in their web experience. Therefore, you need to analyze how users navigate your website when looking for information.
Is your page layout user-centric? content media