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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 15, 2022
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Enterprise recruitment test center, 1 year to see skills, 3 years to see projects. One or two excellent, matching programs can greatly improve the success rate of your job search. Encountering a good project requires a bit of luck; but to make the project beautiful, you also need enough strength! Today, I would category email list like to share with you, from 0 to 1 project, what needs to be done in the early stage to be considered in place? The get is here, and when the opportunity comes, you can make a good start in a calm manner. What stages category email list will the project go through? I sorted it out and it can be divided into 5 stages. From idea germination to full launch. What needs to be done at each step? What to watch out for? I explain it separately. 1. Project idea The birth of project ideas, some are whimsical, some are long-planned. We usually receive projects, and most of them may come from the boss's idea. Of course, it is also possible that we propose project ideas The boss has many ideas. The basic reason is that the boss thinks from the perspective of business operation and development. If we can also think from the perspective category email list of the boss, we can also come up with some good ideas. for example: From the perspective of operation: the category email list current performance is not good, mainly which modules are relatively poor? Are there some project breakthroughs that can break through? The following are the perspectives that some bosses category email list usually think about. We can all find some breakthrough points from these aspects. From the perspective of development: not only limited to the current KPI operation, but also from the perspective of development and long-term thinking: where is our growth point? Where are the opportunities. What will be the state of competition in the entire market? Entering a new track, developing new products, and incubating new business models are all likely to category email list produce some new projects. Use the above perspectives to understand the boss's thinking logic and solve problems for the boss. Maybe category email list you will have new discoveries or different growth. 2. Project research Once the idea of ​​the project is established, the next step is to take action and see if this idea is reliable! This requires adequate research. What kind of project research is qualified? I think it contains at least 6 elements: project background, business model, industry research, light and shade analysis, income measurement, and research conclusion. 1. Project Background This module mainly explains clearly: people, things.
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