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Jun 16, 2022
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The so-called old users must be sticky with online education category email list institutions, that is, they have a high degree of trust, and the general understanding will be users of core paid products, such as long-term students. In fact, old users have certain criteria, which can be distinguished by products and processes. Moreover, the referral strategies designed for different levels of old users are different. For example, most of VIPKID's core referral activities are for paid students who major in courses. Only these people can category email list participate in its invitation and recommendation activities and get rewards. However, in order to expand the scope of new promotions, VIPKID has also designed some low-cost courses, Group category email list class, family education lectures, etc. to meet the needs, mainly for users who have signed up for these courses but have not registered for major courses. After being tricked by more than 10 online education products, I figured out 3 steps for referral and drainage So what is a new user? For new users, they can be registered users, experience class users, traffic product users, or paying users of core products. However, in most cases, new users mainly refer category email list to Registered users and trial class users. So, what exactly is a referral? The author believes that the category email list growth method that can mobilize paid product users to bring new users can be called referrals or old and new. It is essentially a user operation strategy, focusing on maintaining old users (especially core users) and mobilizing them to develop. Product-based and large-scale sharing and invitation actions, and at the same time use marketing and sales methods to complete the conversion of new users. After clarifying the definition of referral category email list introduction, we also need to sort out the difference between referral introduction and another concept, that is, fission.
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